Patrick Cowan

Hi there! I'm Patrick Cowan. I'm a sofware engineer based out of the U.S.A. I've been working away in industry since 2017 across various assignments.

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My work assignments focus on delivery and deployment for large, complicated systems along with full stack development in various products.

Most of my formal education is in hardware engineering, so I usually find myself picking up the occassional side project that involves some low-level work. I'm always excited to tackle new challenges and exploring new tech.

Things Happening Now

Working full time

Full-Time Employed Senior Engineer


Home improvement is an continuing process, but I'm actually spending a lot of time redoing an entire house!

Music Exploration

As a part of my efforts to branch out my knowledge, I've been studying music theory and production.

Finding cool ways to learn new technologies

I'm always on the lookout for ways to explore technology and experiment. From time-to-time, I'll write up some code outside of my professional work and share it to my GitHub!

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